Apartments is a specialised area, with key issues that need consideration from the initial design phase. We highly recommend getting a building surveyor on board from the initial concept to work through some of the key issues of fire design, path of travel, access and mobility and what concessions might be available. Issues such as flood, or water table, excavation and protection works, vehicle access, waste disposal – all need to be considered. A balance of amenity, features and affordability need to be weighed up relevant to the market and end user. Often these projects are also multiple classification, generating additional issues.

We can provide a multi-staged quotation that takes you from initial feasibility through to final building permit documentation – including renders, marketing and sales material. This gives you the ability to commit to each stage as required, without any obligation to proceed to the end project if you issues arise.

Upon request, we can provide our prospective clients with a site feasibility study – this is a cheap and cost effective Way that will provide you with the information you need To make a decision in deciding whether to invest the time And money in a subdivision application. This appraisal Consists of an obligation free study, looking at the size of The site, the impact of planning overlays and council Zoning, possible issues on the site, and identifying areas of Concern or opportunity with the site. It is an inexpensive Way of determining whether a development is right for you.

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