I want to get a site specific house designed for me...

We will sit down with you and try to get an idea on how you live and what may make your life easier. Each person or family is unique and has different needs. While the big builders may provide value for money in a package, changes and alterations are expensive and their designs are suitable for stable soil, flat sites and allow no site specific response.

You want sun on your washing, shade from the hot afternoon sun, good light in your back yard, privacy from neighbours, obtain views where desirable, or block out views to the undesirable.

With many new council planning controls, many houses need to obtain planning consent prior to a building permit. This may be due to an overlay like vegetation controls, flood, height or setback, open space or site coverage etc. Andrew Ferris Building Design specialises in these types of projects and is familiar with the process involved in getting over these hurdles.

At present we do not submit permit applications for small renovations, decks, pergolas, verandahs and garages. We can certainly refer you to a company that may assist.

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